400° Vacuum Lamination Equipment

400° Vacuum Lamination Equipment

The heating platen is manufactured from special steel plate to avoid machine deformation even operating at 400°C. The heating platen is machined and ground through several processes. Flatness and parallelism accuracy on a single platen can reach ±0.015mm/m. Also, temperature tolerance can be controlled with in ±1.5°C.

Composite Material Lamination Presses

Composite Material Lamination Presses

The Composite Material Lamination Precess is designed for Carbon Composite (CC).


26 Years Gel Testing Machines Supplier | Vigor Machinery

Based in Taiwan, Vigor Machinery CO., LTD. is a Gel Testing Machines manufacturer in electronics, composites, plastics and rubber industries. Main machinery, including PCB and vacuum lamination press, FPCB vacuum quick press, laboratory press, high temperature press, hot and cold press, copper foil sheeter, sheeter & slitting, resin tester, etc.

1200 sets of vacuum lamination systems have been sold globally. Vigor Machinery lamination machinery is committed to benefit our customers with continuous improvement, highest quality, reliable machinery, energy saving, cost-down budget.

Vigor Machinery has been offering customers high-quality Lamination Presses, Sheeter & Slitting Machinery, both with advanced technology and 26 years of experience, Vigor Machinery ensures each customer's demands are met.

Gel Testing Machines


This machine is the tester for the PP powder (semi-cured film powder) resin flow and scale flow conjunctive.

Gel Tester


  • Well desingned tester all following IPC 2.3.18 (4.1) test methodrequirement.
  • The temp of hot disk is quite stable and veary accurate at 171°C ±0.5°C (340°F ±0.9°F).
  • Special design hot disk, harden chrome-plated never scratched.
  • Machine equipped with conter device, to enable operation more convenintd.
  • Refer / IPC 2.3.18Gel time for prepreg materials 4.1Platen. Hot plate or melting point apparatus capa ble of maintaining a temperature of 171°C ±0.5°C (340°F ±0.9°F).


Platentemp Accuracy °C ± 0.5
Temp Indicator Resolution °C ± 0.1
Power Supply 1 Ø 110V
Power Consumption W 300
Operation mm Ø 50
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